Today I am Going to Fly

Some men are born posthumously. ~Nietzsche


Posted by penuruloki on April 26, 2006

Blogs, like life, have themes. I’ve stolen mine from a theme site. The original author is linked somewhere on this page (it might be moving), but I’ve modified the color scheme to fit my taste. The bright whites and pastels are too much for me. So now your eyes get to suffer.

I’ve actually come up with a theory as to why I’m so much more wedded to white-on-black. I’m a known fan of torchiere lamps, and keep two in my living room. I don’t know off hand what’s in them now, but in the good old days, I kept twin 150 watt light bulbs in them. I had a bright living room. I like light. It may seem odd given the title of the blog, but I don’t like living in a cave.

My workspace is a cave. I think I just can’t get enough ambient light into the area, so the monitors seem unusually bright in comparison. That’s my theory anyway. I may be full of it (I usually am), but it seems to work. I’m old enough to resist change now though, so I’ll stick to my ways.

There’s obviously more work to be done with the site, but I think it’s taking shape well enought to go public. I’ve switched my Facebook profile link. My next step is to leave a parting post on Xanga to redirect visitors. I’ll do that soon enough.


2 Responses to “Theming”

  1. Great job with the theme! I really like these comments boxes, but the text is a bit small.

    Yeah, I grabbed someone else’s theme. Trust me, over time you’ll notice little things that bug you, or areas that they overlooked. I still can’t believe that the list text is larger than the regular body text on my blog!

  2. Penuruloki said

    I can’t believe I never noticed that about your blog! Alright, maybe I’m just not observant enough.

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