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Sex, Sex, Sex

Posted by penuruloki on April 28, 2006

I realized last night just how much about my gaming sessions comes from angsty geeks that aren’t getting any. All night long it’s sex jokes. Even if not much happens in-game, the night becomes mostly about sex. Last night Pete’s character officially became a whore, but that’s more about being bored. I need to do a better job with the hooks. I’m quite pleased with how Sam’s new character is performing in the campaign, so I’ve promised rumors to the rest of them now as well. I’ll be relieved when the full game rules come out so I don’t have to wing it on just about everything, but I think I may finally have things worked out on how to turn it into a real campaign.

Yes, I’m slow.


2 Responses to “Sex, Sex, Sex”

  1. I don’t understand; is there a problem with the sex jokes? It’s true, we’re angsty geeks who don’t get any, but the sex jokes are what keeps us going some days.

  2. Penuruloki said

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with sex jokes (I’m as guilty as any), it just illustrates just how we’ve become slaves to the geek stereotype. Pasty white geeks who can’t get any sit around and pretend they’re someone else who can. It makes me feel just a little bit more pathetic.

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