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Posted by penuruloki on May 28, 2006

“It’s hotter than the Devil’s rectum in here. When did we move to Hell?” ~The Postal Dude

So it’s hot here in Morris, at least by my standards, and the standards of my cheap Dlink router. Andy has had no end of difficulty with the router on previous occasions, while it’s only become difficult for me this weekend. Today it refused to work for more than five to ten minutes at a time. We’ve had to take it off the network for now, and that leaves me trying to reconfigure Gehn (an old computer) to take over the task in the future.

Cheap by the way, is relative. I probably paid more than most other people pay for a wi-fi router, but I insisted on getting 802.11a to connect with my laptop. I need to get the router stable again to use as a wi-fi AP, even if it doesn’t pull router duties anymore.

I need to move farther north, where it doesn’t get so damn hot.


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Blog headaches

Posted by penuruloki on May 20, 2006

We’ve been tracking two small blog problems that are starting to become real nuisances.

The first is the Comment RSS Feed. I don’t know if it’s a problem with WordPress or Vienna, but the comments feed isn’t updating until the main feed is updated. That makes the comments feed kind of worthless. As posted previously, that functionality is _the_ reason I swithced to WordPress. That will have to be corrected.

The other problem appears to have jsut been fixed as I wrote this post. The server date was constantly 12 hours fast. Apparently the system time was still set to UTC, and the OS time to local time. Since the OS time would be set from the system clock at boot, the time was always wrong after a reset. This is now fixed apparently, so there should be no more posts from the future.

Blogging is work.

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The squeeky wheel…

Posted by penuruloki on May 20, 2006

I don’t actually know the Katie in question, but I had her Xanga blog linked under the “Hall of Shame” since I created it, owing to a horrendous background image making the site unreadable. I checked in today, and the background is gone! My ego isn’t big enough to assume that being listed on my blog had anything to do with the change, but it’s nice to see the web changing for the better nonetheless.

Now I need to find some new sites for the Wall of Shame.

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I am employable

Posted by penuruloki on May 19, 2006

I finally heard back from the prison today (via snail mail), and I have a job. I don’t start training until June 5th. but the hiring process is complete, so I can claim the job as mine.

For a point of reference, realize that I haven’t had a real job since I was laid off in the wake of 9/11. That means it’s been 4.5 years since I’ve had actual employment. To be perfectly honest, I miss working. Being in school has it’s bright points, but it also has that slimy feeling of being rigged. It’s an artificial experience. It’s also hard on the bank account. It’s been a long road since I had my last job, but I’m really looking forward to working again. I’m also looking forward to being back in control of my financial situation.

I’m not done with school yet, and I’m not giving up on my education. I’m going to try to squeeze in a class or two in the Fall/Spring, and I should still be able to finish up in a year or so. I’ll earn my degree yet. I just don’t feel the need to participate in the rest of the “college experience” anymore. I’ve tried both, and I think the working world is more attractive.

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Long time no see

Posted by penuruloki on May 8, 2006

Yeah it’s been a while. I meant to post just about every day, but about all I had to say was “no job yet,” so I figured there was no point. I’d feel bad about not posting for a week, thinking about both of my readers clicking refresh everyday to see if I’m still alive, but I’ve been evangelizing about RSS for long enough that it wouldn’t be my fault for wasting your time.

Actually, that excuse is a bit of a lie. Friday was interesting. I woke up at about 3:30 pm when Rachael called, asking if she could move the D&D club party to my house, since the original plan fell through for some reason. It actually worked since Andy an I have been on a bit of a cleaning kick since Thursday morning, when I realized the it was the once-a-month recycling day. So we took the time we had to clean some more, and we had a party on three hours notice. It wasn’t a drinking party or anything, but the fact that we were able to throw a party on three hours notice makes me feel like I climed just a little bit farther down the ladder.

Very few people actually showed up (nobody that wasn’t in one of my groups), but we did our part. Rachael said they were pissed off at her. I think that’s a poor excuse, but whatever.

We also got out to the rifle range on Wednesday (finally). I put a few rounds through the .30-30, and Pete brought out his new SKS. That’s a pretty sweet weapon. The clips are a little fussy (I wouldn’t want to be fussing with those in combat) but the firing action is pretty smooth. We were even getting better with it as the night went on. We were alternating clips between the three of us, so there’s no telling how well any of us did, but we put some holes in the target before I blew it down with the .30-30. 🙂

Our D&D session starts at 2:00 pm and runs ’til we get bored, so at least I have something to look forward to, even if I don’t get a call about a job tomorrow. With my luck, they’ll call at 2:00.

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Fallout from Kyoto

Posted by penuruloki on May 1, 2006

This isn’t a political blog, but I do care about politics, so I will feel obligated to comment from time to time.

This entry brought to you by the BBC, which reported today that energy firms could end up making up to £1 billion from trading carbon emmisions permits. The scheme was dreamed up as part of Kyoto, where a maximum number of “pollution permits” are issued, but can be bought or sold among firms. This puts a price on pollution to encourage firms to get cleaner, and provides a way out for firms who fall behind.

In practice, firms that use high carbon sources (like coal) are simply purchasing them from firms that have extra and raising electricity prices to compensate. The higher prices not only increase the profits for firms (like nuclear power producers) that don’t need to purchase the permits, they provide free money to the permit sellers, since they were _given_ the permits for free to begin with. So the net result of government policy is that consumers are facing higher bills to help stuff corporate pockets! The best part comes at the bottom of the article:

The UK government is failing in its carbon emissions targets. It planned to cut CO2 20% by 2010 to tackle climate change – described by Tony Blair as the biggest long-term challenge for mankind.

But under Labour emissions have gone up by more than 2%.”

I could continue by pointing out how Kyoto is failing, and ultimately encourages greater pollution rather than less, but I think the point has been made. At least our government has kept us out of that mess. Now if they could only get smarter about dealing with our gasoline supply, rather than running around and acting like liberals.

I’m all for saving the environment, but I see way too many people that think they can legislate pollution out of existance, like waving a magic wand. Life isn’t that simple, and if you want to accomplish anything on the subject, you first have to recognize reality, not dream up a utopia where all your schemes will work just because you want them to.

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Fire Water Burn

Posted by penuruloki on May 1, 2006

For those that missed out on Saturday night, haha losers! Yeah it was raining a little and we actually spent most of the time indoors, but but the hardcore showed up. We burned and we partied. The fire didn’t last long, since we needed gasoline to keep up the flames, but it was long enough to snap some good pics and light a few things on fire that we probably shouldn’t have (namely me and Pete). This crew gets an A+ for effort. The rest of you losers get an F.

I’ll post pics up on Flickr, just so the rest of you can see what you missed out on. Once again, the men have been separated from the boys, and if you were among the lucky few who showed up, congratulations.

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