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Long time no see

Posted by penuruloki on May 8, 2006

Yeah it’s been a while. I meant to post just about every day, but about all I had to say was “no job yet,” so I figured there was no point. I’d feel bad about not posting for a week, thinking about both of my readers clicking refresh everyday to see if I’m still alive, but I’ve been evangelizing about RSS for long enough that it wouldn’t be my fault for wasting your time.

Actually, that excuse is a bit of a lie. Friday was interesting. I woke up at about 3:30 pm when Rachael called, asking if she could move the D&D club party to my house, since the original plan fell through for some reason. It actually worked since Andy an I have been on a bit of a cleaning kick since Thursday morning, when I realized the it was the once-a-month recycling day. So we took the time we had to clean some more, and we had a party on three hours notice. It wasn’t a drinking party or anything, but the fact that we were able to throw a party on three hours notice makes me feel like I climed just a little bit farther down the ladder.

Very few people actually showed up (nobody that wasn’t in one of my groups), but we did our part. Rachael said they were pissed off at her. I think that’s a poor excuse, but whatever.

We also got out to the rifle range on Wednesday (finally). I put a few rounds through the .30-30, and Pete brought out his new SKS. That’s a pretty sweet weapon. The clips are a little fussy (I wouldn’t want to be fussing with those in combat) but the firing action is pretty smooth. We were even getting better with it as the night went on. We were alternating clips between the three of us, so there’s no telling how well any of us did, but we put some holes in the target before I blew it down with the .30-30. 🙂

Our D&D session starts at 2:00 pm and runs ’til we get bored, so at least I have something to look forward to, even if I don’t get a call about a job tomorrow. With my luck, they’ll call at 2:00.


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