Today I am Going to Fly

Some men are born posthumously. ~Nietzsche


Posted by penuruloki on May 28, 2006

“It’s hotter than the Devil’s rectum in here. When did we move to Hell?” ~The Postal Dude

So it’s hot here in Morris, at least by my standards, and the standards of my cheap Dlink router. Andy has had no end of difficulty with the router on previous occasions, while it’s only become difficult for me this weekend. Today it refused to work for more than five to ten minutes at a time. We’ve had to take it off the network for now, and that leaves me trying to reconfigure Gehn (an old computer) to take over the task in the future.

Cheap by the way, is relative. I probably paid more than most other people pay for a wi-fi router, but I insisted on getting 802.11a to connect with my laptop. I need to get the router stable again to use as a wi-fi AP, even if it doesn’t pull router duties anymore.

I need to move farther north, where it doesn’t get so damn hot.


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