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Sieg Heil!

Posted by penuruloki on June 21, 2006

No, I’m not endorsing the ideology of the National Socialist German Workers Party. I’m simply celebrating victory in the first game of Axis and Allies. Allow me to explain.

Last fall, my roommate (James Bordewick) started Game Night as a scheduled night for various games, mostly Munchkin and Illuminati. After failing to get Game Night restarted in the Spring, we started Game Night for board games this summer (in addition to scheduled nights for D&D and Aces & Eights). We played Risk the first week, but I’ve never liked Risk, and everybody was willing to try something else.

In the past I’ve talked about Hex-Grid Wargaming and a fictional game called “The Great War,” set in WWI that exists in the Knights of the Dinner Table comic. The fictional game was so big, it came in a vintage foot locker and cost $200. In the comic universe where the game existed, the players chipped in on the game, and the game became a trophy for the victor. They then played on one Sunday a month until the game was completed (with the game still running after several years in the comic). I like the idea, but that’s a bit much commitment for most people, and such a game (if I ever make one) would be cumbersome to track.

The happy medium we’ve found between those extremes is Axis and Allies. Five players and far more strategy than Risk, but not quite as overwheliming as The Great War (or approximation). We’ve been playing it for about a month or so, and last week, things turned decisively against the Allies (Pete as US, Sam as Britain and Andy as Soviets). This week, Germany (me) and Japan (formerly Tim, now Big Gene) crushed the remains of the UK & US. Germany controlled Australia & NZ, Russia west of Moscow & the Caucases, all of Africa, all of Europe and all available territory in the Western Hemisphere.  Japan controlled the balance of the world (all of Asia, the Pacific north of Australia and most of Russia.

Watching those Germans roll into Britain and the US was kind of exciting, even if I am playing the bad guys. 🙂 The next game will be much harder, so I have to savor my victory now. I’ll probably get my hind end kicked next time.

Until then, Sieg Heil!


One Response to “Sieg Heil!”

  1. Penuruloki said

    For the record, the Allies won the second game (with Pete as Russia, Myself as Britain and US shared against Andy as Germany and Sam as Japan), based largely on Pete’s dogged determination and my picking around the edges.

    The third game is stalled a week in with Andy playing all three allies against Sam as Germany and myself as Japan. We’ll see how things go.

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