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Posted by penuruloki on July 23, 2006

Yeah, I’ve been busy. Now that I’m working again (and working as much OT as I can handle) I remember why it’s so hard to keep up on life. I missed D&D last week, but did manage Axis and Allies (Tim and I finished off the Axis powers) and an off-kilter D20 Modern session (Aces and Eights is on hold until I can merge some more complete system rules with the Showdown combat rules). Things are going well enough, just a bit too busy to keep up on things. I’ll manage once I get things together, but I guess I just wasn’t prepared for the time strain. Working twelve hours isn’t bad, it just leaves me with only enough time to sleep, drive and eat during the rest of the day. I could handle that back when I didn’t have a social life.

Oh well. I just need to adapt again, that’s all. I’ll post other random thoughts as they come.


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