Today I am Going to Fly

Some men are born posthumously. ~Nietzsche


Posted by penuruloki on August 16, 2006

I’m fond of my quotations and my quote page has finally grown out of control (mostly due to the incredible things that come out of my friends’ mouths). In response, I’ve split it into three different page sections. I haven’t deleted anything, just organized it.


3 Responses to “Quotations”

  1. Sam Geller said

    Methinks Katie deserves her own section of quotes…

  2. Penuruloki said

    True, but a whole page of “Katie Quotes” seems like I’d be splitting things a bit thin. Besides, “deserve’s got nothing to do with it.” 😉

  3. Gromm Savot said

    Gromm say fight hard, eat much, be strong, live long, destroy that which is evil so that which is good may flourish,
    and let the blood flow forth from thine enemies until the pool of blood surrounds thy feet
    leaving a record of your footsteps for all to see…

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