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Posted by penuruloki on August 31, 2006

As long as I’m talking about school anyway, they have the recently renovated Social Science Building Imholte Hall open now, and I have two classes there. Guess what? No Wifi. Big renovation with lots of elegant wood trim (it almost looks like an upscale office building) but no love for the techies. Bonus: the connection in the lab in the basement (where I have class) is pathetic. I get better performance on my laptop with Wifi. What a sorry excuse for an update. They need to do better.

I actually miss the Cow Palace, though I’m not quite sure why.


One Response to “Wifi”

  1. NO WIFI!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the F*ck!!!

    That’s really disappointing for the lab computers. I think that the protection they put on their computers slows them down, but it may all in the network. I know that in Imholte, they literally have every switch in the communications closet full. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they only have a single fiber connection to the backbone, either.

    But the lack of Wireless is most disappointing. State of the art, my ass.

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