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The Futility of Facebook

Posted by penuruloki on September 28, 2006

Sure enough, now that you can opt out of the feed, most of my friends have, making the feed almost useless. I still use the feed exclusively though. If my friends don’t want me to know what’s going on in their lives, I won’t bother looking at their pages. It seems the polite (if petty) response to the whole mess.

One thing that did show up in my feed is the “notes” posted by a friend. These notes are essentially priveldged blogs. As expected of an extra feature taped on to another piece of software, the implementation sucks. I actually decided to post a response to the note, as there was more of a response there than on her blog (where it was also posted). Facebook’s response was to throw my post out because it was too long and tell me to write it again. I went to her blog and posted there instead.

The lesson of the day is to use the right tool for the job. If you’re going to bother blogging, use a real blog, not some crappy blog-like system tacked on to some social networking site.


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