Today I am Going to Fly

Some men are born posthumously. ~Nietzsche

Free at last!

Posted by penuruloki on July 13, 2007

Well, I finally paid off the school anyway. That will clear away at least one hold and bring me closer to my degree. The next steps are trickier. I met with the financial aid people and my only shot at getting any is to file an appeal. There’s simply no way to clean up my record on my own. To do that, my first stop is to talk to my adviser. I’ve always appreciated his academic advice, so I think he’d best be able to tell me what I need to do to mount a convincing appeal. I can’t just go in and beg. I need to be able to demonstrate why improvement is likely. I’d also like to have him in my corner for the appeal. If this fails, I have to find private financing or pay my own way while I work. I can barely achieve sleep and work together these days, so I don’t care to bank on that prospect.

On a more personal note, I did manage an attempt at reconnecting with friends. I had to reschedule my conversation with James (and missed my appointment when I had to go in early), and Jenn didn’t answer. I made the effort though, so I feel like I passed a milestone. Maybe sometime this weekend I’ll have time to try again.

No test today, but I will be back tomorrow with a game review, I promise.


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