Today I am Going to Fly

Some men are born posthumously. ~Nietzsche


Posted by penuruloki on November 7, 2008

As usually, I can find expressions of my thoughts echoed in the writings and speeches of those more eloquent than I. The Heritage Foundation recently published an article by Wilfred M. McClay titled The Idea of Change in American Politics: Meaningful Concept or Empty Promise?

The article is long, but well worth the read. Perhaps most striking is the quoted observation of Alexis de Tocqueville:

“Men living in democratic countries, then, are apt to entertain unsettled ideas, and they require loose expressions to convey them. As they never know whether the idea they express today will be appropriate to the new position they may occupy tomorrow, they naturally acquire a liking for abstract terms. An abstract term is like a box with a false bottom; you may put in it what ideas you please, and take them out again without being observed.”

Don’t be surprised at what Obama and the liberals in Congress pull out of that false-bottomed box marked “change.”


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