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Election thoughts

Posted by penuruloki on November 7, 2008

I’ve been meaning to comment on the election, but I’d been hoping to wait for it to be over first. Democrats are still voting, and likely will be until they can claim victory for Franken, but I’ve waited long enough to comment at this point.

The meme being shoved down our throats by the media is that this was an election about hope. If that’s true, I have very little left for this country. It isn’t simply that Obama won and I’m a conservative. I’m old enough to have watched the ’92 and ’94 elections, where Clinton won, albeit from a greater distance. Political junkies all know that they can’t win all the time, and despite the significant irreparable damage I expect to be done by liberals over the next 2-4 years, there is an inevitability to losing elections in a country that is closely divided politically as we are.

What has sapped my hopes for the future is the human response I saw during this election cycle. I have several friends who lean democrat, and whether I could change their minds or not, I did feel obligated to make some small attempt to sway them. My failure to do so is unsurprising given my history, but their reaction is troubling. Over and over, I was basically told by most people I talked to that they didn’t want to hear about Obama’s campaign finance fraud, or his associations with those who hate this country as it exists today. Conversely, the only statement of support they could muster was some vague notion of wanting “change.” Everyone wants some changes made, and any new administration will bring change. Bush ’41 was a change from Reagan, and he was _in_ Reagan’s administration! Yet no one ever articulated what they wanted changed, or what changes they expected from Obama. For all intents and purposes, they approached the polls as willfully blind as they could possibly be. They worked as hard as possible toward their own delusion.

Is this where the Republic is at now? Integrity of law and process, and rational decisions by the electorate matter less than some grand public display of emotion? Do people care so little about their future that they cast their vote so lightly and so carelessly? That isn’t to say that _all_ Obama voters are ignorant of what Obama’s policy tendencies actually are; some are certainly for exactly the future he wants to pursue. I’m _less_ worried about those people because while we disagree, they at least cast informed votes for policies they want. I understand that. I don’t understand voting blindly on principle, and I have to admit that I’ve lost a great deal of respect for those who voted for Obama.

I also don’t understand all the talk about “unifying the country.” This is a liberal meme predicated on the idea that conservatives piss people off and are “dividers,” but somehow everyone likes liberals. It simply isn’t true. Obama hasn’t unified ideological differences in the country. All the election has done is put a different group out in the cold. Instead of liberals being left out and hating the policies of their president, it will be conservatives. Please don’t insult me by pretending that Obama stands for _anything_ that I stand for. It simply isn’t true. It’s part of the delusion. The country is still divided. It’s just a different group that will complain.

As a final note, after Obama was declared the winner, I asked Pete (who was watching the returns with me) how the stock market would respond the next day. Without hesitation, he predicted a 500 point drop. It turned out to be -486 at closing time, which is incredibly close for an off-the-cuff prediction. It went up by a similar amount on election day, so there was the possibility that the drop simply represented some profit-taking. Turning in a similar drop the next day might suggest that the election was a factor though. So far today the market hasn’t moved significantly. It will be interesting to see if the post-election drop is permanent.


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