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The End of Silicon Row

Posted by penuruloki on December 9, 2008

For those that haven’t heard yet, Andy and I are both moving. I’m moving to the cities to try to find a job. Andy will be moving in with a mutual friend. Neither situation is necessarily permanent, but does represent a much needed change from the status quo.

While this has much more tragic consequences (such as putting St. Pats on Silicon Row on hiatus indefinitely), the most immediate consequences (besides having to pack and move) is that our dearly beloved local server (”tux”) will be going offline. That means all our blogs will have to migrate (or disappear entirely). I’ve chosen to move mine here. Change your bookmarks and/or rss reader settings accordingly.

I’m not entirely happy with the look here yet, but I can’t copy over my old theme (security limitation) and I don’t have time right now to tweak the css code. I’ll be doing that later, so don’t get too comfortable with the black on white text! =)


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