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Why I heal

Posted by penuruloki on July 3, 2009

My main in TBC  (when I started playing WoW) was a Paladin I leveled as Prot from 10 to 70. I didn’t even touch a ret spec until WotLK launched and I gave a serious look at leveling to 80. That toon still has 40 days of play time. Forty freaking _days_. That’s a lot of time. I was a pretty decent tank, at least judging by the quality of the healers and dps that put me on their friends list (I miss you Blessed). When LK hit, I leveled my Druid first, since I was willing to tank or heal with that toon, and I wanted to be ready the moment the guild started to raid. By the time they were, I had my Paladin healer (different toon) to 80 as well. I wound up tanking the earliest guild heroics before settling into a solid raid spot as a healer (on both the Paladin and the Druid), taking the occasional tank spot with my former main when I can get it, and trying to snag a dps spot for Joel’s Ret Pally whenever I can to keep his gear current while he’s deployed (I miss Joel. A lot.) and to check a few egos by crushing everyone else (including top geared people in the guild) on the damage charts. =)

I miss tanking a lot somtimes, and to some degree, it’s hard to shake the feeling that I’m healing not so much because I like it as much as that most other don’t. That would make me the guild bitch (well, one of them). Not very heroic. Sure, being decent at the hardest job in the game brings some pride, but being the bitch sucks the pride out pretty quick.

One of the reasons I like tanking was because you went face-to-face, toe-to-toe with the bad guy. Sure melee dps were in the thick of it, and you lived and died strictly by how well the healers did their job most of the time. But when you went to kick that ugly brute’s ass, he wasn’t staring down the healer, or the mage, or the rogue hiding in the corner. He had it out for you. The only thing standing between the rest of the party and an ugly death was you.

That’s heroic. Healing doesn’t often feel all that heroic. You plack whack-a-mole with raid frames. Even playing the game’s melee healer (Paladin), you stay behind him and count on the tank to keep him off you. Is that heroic? Maybe it is:

Healers are your sugarmommas. They’re your doctors. I’m not talking about some pussy dentists who sit in air-conditioned offices all day. They are Airborne Ranger Combat Medics who are all up in the frontline crossfire with you. They’re applying a 4-point tourniquet to your leg while giving CPR to the fading warlock next to you with bombs exploding all over the place. Give them the proper respect they deserve. AR EE ES PEE PEE CEE TEE find out what it means to me.

You know what? I’ll take that. I ain’t no one’s bitch. In fact, when I watch the tank do a pull on a boss, the closest person behind the tank as he makes his move? That’s his healer. That guy who’s getting hit by adds and not fighting back? That’s his healer putting his plate to good use and putting his heals on the tank. Fact of the matter is, when I’ve been on fights where you can reset the boss and the fight goes bad, the ones who send everyone else to safety while they hold off the bad guys is the tank. Dps are vanishing, feigning death, or shadowmelding in the corner. Others just run. The tank stays. His healer stays with him. All the same sacrifice. All the same attitude. Little of the glory, but a badass just the same.

I realize it’s just a game, but sometimes life just sucks too much to bother with. At least we can still chase glory and honor is some virtual worth.


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  1. penuruloki said

    And for the record, I kited on Gluth 10 man as Holy spec while the only other healer in the raid (a Tree) handled the tanks. I might not have been in ugly’s face, but techniclly, I was the 3rd tank on that fight in addition to the 2nd healer. That’s good times. I love being the healer that says “Bring it.” =)

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