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Jumping ahead in WoW

Posted by penuruloki on July 15, 2009

Last night I finally got my Shamen on Velen to level 80. That’s the current cap, so it’s time to get geared and start doing heroics and raids. She’s my 6th level 80 toon, and my 3rd level 80 healer, so this isn’t an urgent project, but to some degree I’m really looking forward to trying out a new style. I set a goal to level every class of tank and healer to get to know the ins and outs of all the different styles, but as I actually get there on each of them, I’m still amazed at how different they all are.

After I hit 80, I spent about an hour gearing, and checked to see what the rest of the guild was up to. They’d just finished their OS 25 run (that I’d opted out of due to a headach), but they wanted to drop Flame Leviathian in Ulduar. OS (Obsidion Sanctum) is a starter raid that demands little in the way of gear or skill to run (in standard mode; hard mode is a different story). Ulduar is the most recent raid, rought 2 levels of skill above OS. Its not a place to take a fresh 80, even with ample crafted gear and full enchants. That meant they were going to lose a few people, so I offered to grab a different level 80 toon.

They opted instead to take my fresh 80 shamen. Turns out our usual Shamen was running her ‘lock instead, so rather than waste potential drops, they decided to carry me instead. As I kept saying in vent, “this is so wrong.”

We set standards on gear score to avoid undergeared people sabotaging runs through poor performance. To top it off, the Raid Leader decided to have me thrown up on top as the healer on the boss. Granted, my gear score made my dps terrible and useless anyway, but I actually wound up doing my main spec job (healing) after all, depite being woefully undergeared.

I was able to do a passable job, despite wasting a lot of mana from inexperience with the spells, but I felt awkward about being there when I was probably worse geared than others left out at times. Sure, I have a lot of experience with other toons, and that counts for something, but should it count for that much?

As I said, we were successful on the 1st attempt, and I accomplished my mission, so I probably shouldn’t feel too bad. And they were right about one thing. Shammy gear did drop, and it would have been wasted if I hadn’t been there.

That’s right, not only was my first badge at 80 and Emblem of Conquest (current highest badge in the game) but my first loot at level 80 was an iLevel 226 healing Totem, to replace my iLevel 93 totem from a dungeon in the last expansion. Looked wierd seeing the purple next to my green weapon and shild (both replaced lated in the night), but maybe that’s par for the course when you come along later. My first 80 (my druid) was one of the first 80s in the guild period. I think I was 4th or 5th to hit 80. We ran regular dungeons while leveling to learn, and worked carefully through easier heroics to get gear to raid.

But maybe that just isn’t feasible when you come along late. Everyone wants to run more challenging content. They want to gear you faster, so that they can get farther. It seems so wrong to me, but maybe it’s inevitable at this point.


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