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Back to Raiding

Posted by penuruloki on October 8, 2009

Finally got back into Raiding this week, mostly in Ulduar. I do have to say I’m a little bit jealous. We took Mama along at first. She got the Energy Siphon off FL (which I didn’t care about), but it meant that Pureity wasn’t there to bid against me on the Pulsing Spellshield (which I badly needed) from XT. I paid her back though. I reminded her that she wanted the trinket off Razorscale, and she switched to Pure. It dropped, she suicided from almost the top of the list and got it. Looked up the loot lists and she switched back to Mama for Kologarn, and sure enough, the Spirit Trinket dropped. Pure picked up the crit trinket she wanted, AND _two_ nice iLevel 219 trinkets for her new priest as well. I’m not jealous that she got gear I wanted (Energy Siphon and Eye of the Broodmother are both sidegrades for my Pally, I’m happier they found a good home with Mama), but that she somehow got lucky enough to have them all drop for her. I’m lucky if I see a decent item drop (and I do consider myself lucky to get the shield I needed so badly). At any rate, we dropped the 4 easy bosses, put in a wipe on Auriaya, and called it a night for Tuesday.

Wednesday didn’t go as well. First they wanted to go into ToC 10, with 2 healers no less. I need to segue into a complaint here.

There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed a lot since the patch. Elitist hardcore raiders like to complain about casuals/socials/M&S wearing good gear from easy to obtain badges. They claim that it ruins the raiding experience by putting said casuals/socials/M&S on the same level as those who actually work for their gear. The reality is that badge gear actually makes it harder on competent casuals and socials (M&S is always going to benefit from easy gear and make the lives of those around them miserable). It means that people gear up faster than they skill up. It means that people have no gear upgrade outside progression raiding, so they insist on going to the hardest content when they and/or their groups aren’t prepared for it. Wearing gear they haven’t “earned” isn’t a status issue, like the elitists make out. Skill isn’t about good or bad. Wiping on “easier” content doesn’t make you M&S. It means you’re learning. Avoiding that content by using badges doesn’t make you bad, but if you find yourself skipping hard fights and gearing off easy ones, you’re not going to be ready for progression content. Hardcore raiders don’t suffer much. They figure out quickly if a recruit can’t hack it. It’s the casuals and socials that deal with the gear/skill mismatches.

Based on that rant you can guess how our night went. We wiped over and over on the Northrend Beasts in ToC. We only made it to the 2nd phase once, and we were racing to finish phase one with 6 dps in the group. We barely made the dps race with 6 dps. The rest of our attempts were too tight on healing. One snobold on a healer left the other one to handle the tank and the whole raid. We had no safety net, and the group wasn’t tight enough to run without one. When I got a snobold on my back, and announced it in Vent, it stayed on my back for a long time.

After failing miserably there, we moved back to Ulduar. It only took us a couple couple wipes to drop Auriaya (surprisingly), but we wiped a few times on Ignis (even with 3 healers) and called it a night. One boss. Just over two hours, and only one kill. No one in the raid was bad, but we weren’t prepared. If people don’t take their tactics and their rotations more seriously than their gear, we’re not going to succeed at raiding. We need to work on Ulduar, our current _skill_ level, not ToC, our current _gear_ level. It would be easier with a more consistant group, but that’s one of the first casualties of casual raiding. Hopefully our next foray in will be better.


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