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Class Comparison

Posted by penuruloki on October 10, 2009

Yeah, another WoW post. This is technically still a personal blog and not a WoW blog, but there’s not a whole lot else going on in my life right now, so I’m not going to fight it anymore.

This is mostly a background intro to explain what my purpose is here. The actual comparisons will be posted later.

My first toon (and my main once again) is a Paladin I leveled as a tank. My thought process when I rolled him was “survivability first” and a plate wearer with healing capability fit the bill. When I got talents at level 10, I did some research, and decided he was a tank. He would be built entirely around the ability to take a hit and shrug it off.

I didn’t have any level capped friends on the server, so I took my time leveling, slowing down to work on my Blacksmithing (both my skill level and the quests involved – I still have the trinket that summoned my first epic at level 40), and especially running every dungeon I could. I was specced for tanking, but I often found people asking me to heal, and I found I could do that too without much difficulty.

So after I did hit 70 (cap at the time) I turned around and leveled another Pally to heal. After I did that, I found some of my friends that had joined since were leveling, and I hopped on my neglected Druid to level with them. He also reached 80. I had a harder time adjusting to his healing (which was much less straightforward than the Pally), but I did take to his tanking.

Thus began the project. Having marveled and thrilled at exploring the differences between the classes for tanking, I decided I wanted to try them all. That soon expanded to healing as well, as I got better at healing on both hybrid classes and found myself doing it more. In more defined terms, I wanted to have all 4 classes to cap, geared, and skilled enough to handle heroic 5 man content (you can’t keep up multiple raiding toons without excessive effort; I tried).

I’m not there yet. My priest (Holy/Shadow) is only 63 and healing Outland content. My Warrior (Prot/Fury) is only 42 and has only tanked Deadmines and Scarlet Monestary. I’m not going to draw conclusions for those classes when I don’t have full access to their abilities yet. Wouldn’t be fair. I do however have the previously noted Paladins and Druid, as well as a Shaman and Death Knight leveled to 80 since I envisioned the project. Since I have no idea when I will actually start working on the Priest and Warrior again, I might as well lay out my experiences with the different classes thus far.

[EDIT] The Healer comparison is now posted HERE. A comparison of tanks will come later when I have a little more experience with my DK.


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