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Posted by penuruloki on September 15, 2006

Being a geek is really about being hyperfocused on the inane or insane. The wonderful thing about geeks is that they are simultaneously the height and depth of civilization. That wonderful attention to the minutia of QED brought us the miracle of computers.

But only a geek could harness all that mathmatical power to simulate a Slide Rule. Geeks that want an introduction can see this page for sample calculations.


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Contentless DRM

Posted by penuruloki on September 11, 2006

It’s not real (yet), but the sad thing is that the way things are going, this really is the vision of things to come.

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I am officially in lust.

Posted by penuruloki on April 26, 2006

Seagate has a new hard drive out. 750GB. With four such beasts, I could have 1.5TB usable storage in RAID 10 (instead of my current 480GB usable in RAID 5).

They also recently release a 300GB 15K RPM SCSI drive. I’ll never have the coin to play in that arena, but I can dream.

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