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Comments on WoW

Posted by penuruloki on June 8, 2007

The Shadowman made an extensive post about World of Warcraft already, but I wanted to make a few comments of my own (and restart my blog at the same time).

First I want to comment on the addiction phenomenon. The Shadowman claims to be addicted, but at this point I think the experience is too new to come to any conclusions. Even if I was to claim addiction status, I don’t think it would be addiction to WoW, but to video games in general. Losing sleep or skipping meals to game is something I’m already guilty of for previous games. I often joke that one of my goals in life is to become an alcoholic. The truth is that I don’t feel like drinking most of the time (the exception is at social events). In fact, after a stressful day at work, I consider a drink when I get home because the image of using alcohol is ingrained in me, but skip it and fire up a game instead. That would suggest perhaps I am a gaming addict, but is every habitual stress reliever an addiction? Does the title addict imply simply that the habit is unhealthy? Difficulty in quitting is certainly one measure, but using that one alone would likely find religion trumpeting its addictive nature.

As far as the social experience goes, I have grouped and adventured with strangers. I wouldn’t say we were that social though. I am using the game as a social outlet (the whole purpose was to keep gaming with friends who have left Morris), but as in “meatspace,” the awkwardness with strangers and smalltalk remains. At any rate, I’m not looking for a romantic encounter, but simply a substitute for the more social experience of table-top gaming. I prefer table-top rpgs, but getting a game together with my irregular work schedule and off hours is difficult.

Speaking of, I have to get ready now to go in early. Work is so short handed these days that practically half the shift seems to be coming in early these days. I like the extra money, but the continuous overtime get old. I do get burned out. I hoping the next acadamy will pick up some of the slack.


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